Orlando Agudelo-Botero- LOS PENSANTES (The Scholars)

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Orlando Agudelo-Botero

LOS PENSANTES (The Scholars), 2019
Bronze Sculpture

“Los Pensantes (The Scholars) is a manifestation and my recollection of all the archetypes which first appeared in my drawings when I at age 3 had begun to explore with pencils on the pristine walls of my parents’ house. These enigmatic faces and their personalities captured my imagination and became my best friends, keeping me from my brothers and sisters who invites me to play the traditional children’s games, although in those unique moments the games were of no interest to me… I spent most of my time alone and happy, exploring my new discovered friends much to the curiosity of my mother who very intuitively decided to encourage and to celebrate the glimpses of my newly found abilities by offering me paper, color pencils and crayons as an alternative to drawing on her walls…  


These archetypes have been a part of me and my art works ever since…


In mid-July 2020, I went to my studio to create a piece that could speak of the ‘Think tank’ which for decades I have come to know in my studio. I conjured a group of individuals known for their independent presence of mind, intelligence and unique views of us human beings; their quest is to find greater meaning to the concept of life. Without hesitation and very naturally I called on them, the scholars, the thinkers. 


Excited and reassured by this possible new prospect about to become a ‘challenging project in the studio’ I decided to evoke my archetype friends from childhood and once again, they came to assist me in the creation of this painting. In addition, I also summoned the arts and many of its members; writers, poets, painters, sculptors, dancers, maestros of film as well as eccentrics, intellectuals and bohemians. All singular and interesting human beings who by their nature are in charge of offering the world an understanding and view beyond that which has previously been established and known as ‘the norm’


Wondering who in the past had been nominated to establish the concept of ‘Normalcy’ I wanted to work with these friends of childhood to tell a story of individuals who by no means fall in the category of those considered ‘normal’ but are rather unique, scarce and brilliant individuals. By developing the painting, I learned a great deal, I wanted to honor each and every person who at times, in their eyes project the blessed madness of someone who dears to think differently, someone singular in her or his views and understanding of humanity and of Life itself…


Back in July of 2020, my archetypes friends and I joined forces, abilities and madness, in unison we created ‘LOS PENSANTES, (The Scholars)’

May each and every one of us dare to understand our individual sense of normalcy and be an original.” -Orlando Agudelo-Botero


This piece is a sculpture and will be professionally packaged and shipped upon order


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