Ademyr Costa

Ademyr Costa was born in Santos, state of São Paulo in the year of 1952. Plastic artist and self-taught, he was inspired on great names of Brazilian arts such as Portinari, Di Cavalcanti and Burle Marx. Internationally, he had Pablo Picasso as your main influence. His early traits were given in the 60s at Elementary School and it was all based on American Cowboy movies. No one could predict that those uncompromising traits would pave the way for his academic art, which was his focus of creation for two decades. During that time, Ademyr became a specialist in many art styles, highlighting the hyperrealism technique (oil on canvas).

It was in the 80s that the Modern Art really took his heart and he started a totally new creative strand. He spent hours and hours with the Portuguese Master Francisco Gajo, who introduced him the Porcelain and Ceramic painting techniques. The technique allowed Ademyr to create works of art combining extremely powerful colors, transparency, lightness and also durability for external places. In the last 25 years Ademyr has created more than 70 ceramic murals in public spaces. The achievement reflects his biggest dream and passion that was “bring art to ordinary people.” According to Ademyr “art must have historical value. It has the power to change people lives and it should reach and inspire everyone. From the art specialists to the ordinary people that had a tough day at work and for some reason stop by a mural and find out something about their past, present or future, disconnecting themselves of real life for a moment.”

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