Antje Campbell

Antje Campbell uses the human figure in her sculptures, as a canvas to explore life’s complexities and celebrations. By creating strong, minimal forms that intersect, she communicates her themes, emotions and life experiences.

Working in clay has been Antje’s passion since early adulthood. She enjoys the challenging process of forming a lump of earth, carving, firing, adding unique painterly qualities of slips, oxides and glazes to each piece. She is delighted at the end when opening the kiln and discovering the final results. 

With this background of working in clay, it has been a natural transition to interpret her figures into bronze. 

Antje’s education in ceramic sculpture began under the mentorship of Betty Davenport Ford, an artist who was influential in the contemporary clay movement in Los Angeles in the 1950’s. Under her decade long instruction, Antje gained a strong understanding of working in clay and its’ endless possibilities. In addition, Antje holds a formal degree in Fashion Design from FIDM, which gives her the foundation for her excellent use of color and form. 

Born in Stuttgart Germany, Antje was fortunate to be born into a family rich in artistic history. Her great Grandfather was employed by the local Duke of Saxony for his artistic talents which has trickled down through generations. 

Antje’s ceramics have been represented by galleries in Europe and the US. Her work has also been awarded recognition in major shows and exhibitions, including the Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach.