Dave Evans

Los Angeles based artist, David Cruz (Dave Evans) has been dabbling in artistic endeavors since 1998 when, as he put it, “I simply picked up a brush out of boredom one day and escaped to another reality.”  Drawing from various living locations, words, films and photo’s, Dave uses multiple mediums to blend vibrant reflections of his thoughts, dreams, views and surroundings into visual moments of art.  Born and raised in Minneapolis, Honolulu and Los Angeles, he really is just a simple country boy at heart. He holds many views and opinions about our world and the society we have created but, he does not feel he represents them overly in his art. He likes to create more of an environment in which to escape from a life for a while.  “To start from an idea, a feeling, visualize that idea in your head nurture and develop it. Then transpose that idea from thought to the physical is amazing. This is one of the beauties of being human the multitude of means for self-expression communication and alteration.  In a world so fast, so full of energy, change and uncertainty, art provides a constant, an always willing partner , a facilitator for social gathering and conversation , intermingling and relation. A common platform for the past, present and future and the realization that we are all really quite the same, beautiful.”