Georgeana Ireland

“Haunting beauty is what I am after- with a good punch of emotion. I love thick paint, the way it moves and melds- using brushes and pallet knifes I ‘knit’ colors together almost like a tapestry. Although I work with oils, pigments, mica, metallic leaf and other diverse media, it is color that is my favorite muse. I love to see it dance across the canvas. Art is something that bubbles from inside me- I am driven to create. Sometimes it comes effortlessly as it flows from my fingertips and other times it is like a fight with me against the canvas and paint. On those days I look like a warrior with paint all over my face, my arms and my studio. My style is organic, ever-changing and influenced by the times we are in—but always there is a thread of beauty with echoes of the past.”

-Georgeana Ireland