Featuring immersive art installation, film,  paintings and sculptures by 30 artists which was set in Santa Monica, California. Now an exclusive online virtual showing, we hope to capture the same show for our followers who missed out.

As all eyes were on Los Angeles during Frieze week a new art show opened its doors.

Set in a unique location, a office building on Wilshire Blvd, Relevant made its debut.

 Created and Curated by artist  and gallerist Georgeana Ireland with Paul Brockwell the show encompassed 3800 sf as well as the front and lobby of the building.

VLAD VANDAMME, Carrisa Ireland, & Pat Hobaugh

David Krovblit, Darlyn Susan Yee, and Artlord

Xavier Cázares Cortéz

Sahara Novotna

There is nothing more relevant than the current fight for rights in Iran - I am an artist of Iranian descent and as the wind blows through my hair today - my thoughts go out to those being killed everyday fighting for that same simple right.

All the brave men & women in this room had their lives cut short fighting for women… life… freedom.

Sahara had women leave a lock of hair in support that will be set in resin and turned into an art piece.

Georgeana Ireland's...

“My Perfect Plastic World”

A view on social media painting a perfect “not real”world.