“Romance” A One Man Exhibition Essay by Orlando Agudelo-Botero

In the studio, 2am… the complex world outside, in peril. The world inside, warm, safe, progressive, promising, beautiful, above all, motivating; it offers me the opportunity to retrospect, to think of the now, to explore beyond that which I have known as reality, to discover and to create new works of art in which the concept of love as the most significant force and power in human life is at the very center as a balance to the current estate of the world. I feel that it is my responsibility and hopefully my contribution to others.

Commitment and optimism are guardians and protectors of the innate love always present at the core of who I am since birth...and also of my inner need to understand the emotions present, which during and through this process are translated into uplifting ideas revealed to me at past 2am while being aware of the fact that in my creative space the concept of time ceases to exist. Day and night become one and in the glory of creativity, curios and humble I stand.