Adding Fine Art to Your Landscape

Adding Fine Art to Your Landscape

Adding art to your landscape is like adding jewelry to a beautiful outfit - it's that final touch that makes all the difference and gives the overall effect of a "finished" look. Artwork can make a statement that plants, while beautiful, cannot. The right artwork can convey emotion and create an experience for the viewer. 

A classical experience...

It doesn't get more timeless than the human form carved in exquisite Carrara marble. Walking through a landscape sprinkled with Marton Varo's sculptures give the Romantic effect of wandering through ancient Greek ruins and remembering a time lost. In the presence of one of Varo's work's, you inevitably 


An emotional experience...

Martin Eichinger creates dramatic bronze sculptures that are sure to evoke contemplation on the human pursuit of happiness and meaning.

A modern experience...

For a more unique and abstract experience, Michael Shewmaker's highly reflective stainless steel sculptures add a distinct quality to any landscape. Although composed of an unnatural material, they take on an almost liquid appearance and blend organically into a natural setting. His works come in a range of sizes and serve beautifully to ground the viewers eye, without taking away from the surrounding greenery. Because they are highly polished, they reflect their natural surroundings, making them perfect complements to a beautiful outdoor space. 

Where to add the artwork...

Take a step back and look at your design as a whole. Then, look for spaces in the area that have any "holes". A beautiful sculpture can ground an area and draw the eye.  




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