Introducing Contemporary Sculptor ED DEAN

Ed Dean "Starfire"

Ed Dean Starfire

Is it abstract artist Alexander Calder? No it's ED DEAN, modern day Abstract, Expressionist, Kinetic sculptor represented proudly by ETHOS CONTEMPORARY ART in Newport Beach, CA.

Ed Dean Crescent

After retiring from the commercial construction industry, Ed Dean began making contemporary abstract sculpture. In this field he drew plans, built structures, and labored over architectural details. He learned the science of shape, proportion, and scale that he applies to his contemporary style of artwork today.

Dean begins the creative process with a pencil drawing or draft.  Close attention is paid to line, angles and composition to create an kinetic effect as in his hanging Flight Series sculptures. Mobiles?  Kinetic means relating to motion. Many early twentieth century artists like Calder incorporated motion or movement in to art. Primary color is essential for casting the shadows of hues. Each angle within the pieces create their unique architectural shape.


Ed Dean's latest works are available at the Gallery. Visit the Gallery soon to view this extro


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